Impressions on Midway of 3 rd Module of FFF workshop in Belgrade with the presence of Cristi Puiu and Nikos Labot

3 rd Module of this year’s Goethe-Institut’s First Films First training program is now midway and we already had the fruitful Case Study of first completed FFF film, Her Job with the director Nikos Labot. All the phases and aspects of making the debut film in Europe were discussed thoroughly. We are proud to have Nikos back in Belgrade during Auteurs’ Film Festival with the first complete artwork developed by FFF.

And there was a great interest for Cristi Puiu masterclass. Acclaimed auteur genuinely talked about his personal filmmaking, his dialogue with the actors, cinematographers and the crew. His main question was: How could we convey the vision in our mind to the crew with the limitations of the words?

So far, our directors worked on their scripts with our dear tutor Gabriele Brunnenmeyer. Puiu and directors still work on the directing approach and how to visualize the selected scenes to be shot in the upcoming days.

Now it is time for our directors to start shooting and editing their scenes with the guidance of Cristi Puiu. For now, enjoy the photos and more news to arrive. For now, enjoy the photos by Marija Piroški & Vladimir Živoinović and more news to arrive.

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