FFF is proud to announce that Mad Max: Fury Road cinematographer John Seale and Walk the Line DoP Phedon Papamichael will have talks open to the public at the Manaki Brothers festival, in the frame of the First Films First’s second module.

In addition, two masterclasses by FFF tutors Karpo Godina and Allan Starski will also be open to the public.


Scroll down for schedule.

John Seale won an Oscar for best cinematography for The English Patient by Anthony Mingella, and was nominated three times, for Mingella’s Cold Mountain, Barry Levinson’s Rain Man, and Peter Weir‘s Witness. He officially retired in 2010, but whenGeorge Miller approached him with the offer to work on Mad Max: Fury Road, he could not resist, and shot one of the most visually impressive films ever made, earning another Oscar nomination.

Greek-born cinematographer Phedon Papamichael has worked on films ranging from comedies and horror and thriller flicks such as Cool Runnings, Dance of the Damned, Poison Ivy, While You Were Sleeping, to big budget Hollywood titles including Walk the Lineand 3:10 to Yuma, but his most successful collaboration is with director Alexander Payne, with whom he made Nebraska which brought him an Oscar nomination.

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