ŞTEFAN CONSTANTINESCU’S debut goes WIP @ LES ARCS Co-Production Village

Man and Dog is the debut feature fiction by Ştefan Constantinescu who is an alumnus of Goethe-Institut’s FIRST FILMS FIRST training program where he developed his project.

For the first time, Man and Dog will be presented online in the Work in Progress section of Les Arcs Co-Production Village from 20-22 January. 

Man and Dog is produced by Ada Solomon and Diana Paroiu (microfilm, Romania) and co-produced by Rossitsa Valkanova (Klas Film, Bulgaria), Jörgen Andersson (Doppelganger, Sweden) with Nina Frese (Pandora Filmproduktion, Germany). 

The film is an investigative pseudo-noir following a guest-worker coming back from Sweden to his hometown in Romania before the borders close during the pandemic to secretly follow his wife whether she cheats on him. 


We are as curious as you are about the first sample footage from the film!

For more about Man and Dog click here.

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