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Sarajevo Film Festival’s Cinelink Industry Days is one of the most important film industry markets for South-East European films and Goethe-Institut’s First Films First training program is the only training program solely dedicated to first feature fiction projects from South-East Europe. That’s why we are extremely proud to have 3 FFF projects in three different sections of Cinelink Industry Days. 

FFF alumna Selcen Ergun’s Snow and The Bear is a Turkey-Germany-Serbia co-production and presented in Work in Progress Section. In 2021, we shall see the premiere of the film which takes place in a snowy small town in eastern Turkey. Cinelink page:

FFF page: http://localhost:8888/selcen-ergun/

One of the current participants of FFF, Andreea Bortun is presenting her debut feature fiction Blue Banks in Cinelink Co-Production Market. Film depicts the dilemma of Lavinia who can’t witness her son grow up in a poor Romanian village as she goes for work to Marseille. 

Cinelink page:

FFF page: http://localhost:8888/bortun-andreea/

Lastly, another current participant of FFF, Murat Uğurlu’s A Deserved Kiss, from Turkey, is among the Pack & Pitch projects of Talents Sarajevo to be presented to the industry during a public pitch. A Deserved Kiss is the 24 hour story of several characters connected due to a loss of a small kid in the big campus of a university in Ankara. For more info: http://localhost:8888/ug%cc%86urlu-murat/


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