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We are extremely excited to share with you that Asimina Proedrou\’s debut Behind The Haystacks, the 10th completed film of Goethe-Institut\’s FIRST FILMS FIRST has just received 6 awards right after its world premiere in the Meet The Neighbors competitive section of Thessaloniki International Film Festival!

Great news, grandest congratulations!

Here are the awards and the reasonings:
– Meet the Neighbours competition section Special Mention
– FIPRESCI Award (Greek premiere)
– Greek Association of Film Critics Award

– Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation Award- Greek Film Centre Award for two categories: Best Debut (director) and Best Location Award.

“Despite the rough issues portrayed in the film Behind the Haystacks, the director orchestrates with a delicate and precise handling a full-rounded cinematic composition. Displaying courageous narrative choices, wonderful performances, and determination, the director masterfully guides a worthy team, rendering her directorial vision a reality”

“For skillfully incorporating all elements of nature and civilization in depicting the hypocrisy of society and decadence of individuals in times of humanitarian crisis, thus creating a multi-layered narrative the FIPRESCI Award for a Greek premiere goes to Behind the Haystacks by Asimina Proedrou”

“For the perceptiveness with which it explores the landscape of the Greek countryside, through the interlaced faults and dramas of a family trapped into the social, political, and religious web of this entropy the Greek Association of Film Critics (PEKK) bestows its award to the film Behind the Haystacks by Asimina Proedrou”

“We unanimously felt the need to recognize three films, so we decided to also give a Special Mention to a film, which we found to be very impactful, and we would like to honor the great work of the director. We believe that it deals with an important subject matter that is extremely relevant today. The strong performances had great resonance, as the characters stayed with us long after the film was finished. The Special Mention goes to Behind the Haystacks, directed by Asimina Proedrou.”


Here\’s the trailer of the multiple award-winning Behind The Haystacks.

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