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At the Formal by Andrew Kavanagh (Australia), 2010

At the Formal by Andrew Kavanagh (Australia), 2010

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The film we are presenting this week is a very special one. It is a little bit older, from 2010, but its theme is, to put it mildly, primal. A high-school celebration in this impressive, one-shot, no-dialogue film, mutates to a ritual that hails from much older times than the existence of institution of school.

Cinema\’s origins belong equally to painting and theatre. Both painting and theatre come from rituals, humans\’ primordial way of connecting between each other and forces they believed, and still believe, govern our universe. And we will do anything to appease them.

At the Formal was screened and/or won awards at more than 60 festivals, including Locarno, Rotterdam, AFI Fest, Los Angeles IFF and Clermont Ferrand.

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