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Christoph Kanter originally studied Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. After a couple of terms he switched to Stage and Production Design at the University of Applied Arts where he graduated in Stage and Film Design. Since 1982, he has been working as a freelance Stage Designer and Production Designer. In 1994, he received the „Goldener Kader“ price for „best Production Design“ for his work on Michael Schottenberg‘s drama „Averills‘s Arrival“.

Over the past years, Kanter has worked with some of Austria‘s most renowned movie directors such as Michael Glawogger („Die Ameisenstraße“, 1994), Robert Dornhelm („The Unfish“, 1996).

A close working relationship developed with Michael Haneke. They have worked on 8 movies together, starting with „Benny‘s Video“ in 1992. For his work on „Das Weiße Band“, Kanter won the German Film Award for Best Production Design in 2010.

In 2011, Kanter received the „Austrian Film Award“ for his work on „Lilli the Witch- Journey to Mandolan“, a childrens‘ movie set and shot mostly in India.   After the playful childrens’ film „Ghosthunters on Icy Trails“ (2015) and the extensive biopic „Luis Trenker“ (2015), Kanter worked on „Fog in August“, a World War II Drama based on true events surrounding the Nazi euthanasia program. For this work, he was again nominated for the German Film Award in 2017.

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