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\”The way he intertwines complicated personal histories with equally toxic national ones is simply masterful… His smart writing is matched by his equally deft directing, with a strong sense of visual style… The casting, acting and directing of the actors are also high points of the film, with Branko Završan’s effort being the most impressive…. The other cast members are also compelling in showing the nuanced emotions and detailed motivations of their imperfect, but very human, life-like characters… astonishingly mature and well-executed debut.\”

\’\’……this impressive debut is a moving metaphor for the courage that it takes to finally move towards peace.\’\’

\’\’At the heart of this stirring Italo-Slovenian drama is a philosophical argument which addresses the following questions: when is it right to forgive? When is it moral to leave behind the spirit of revenge?\’\’

Dirty Movies\’ review right after the world premiere in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival\’s First Feature Competition for The Man Without Guilt, fiction feature debut by Ivan Gergolet who has developed his film via Goethe-Institut\’s FIRST FILMS FIRST.




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