First Films First


We are so glad to share with you that two projects of Goethe-Institut\’s FIRST FILMS FIRST programme got project development support from Film Center Serbia. 

Nikola Zdravkovic had started Goethe-Institut’s FIRST FILMS FIRST program with his feature fiction debut project SILVANA without a producer.

However, after the completion of four FFF modules, prominent film producer Jelena Mitrovic (Bas Celik) from Serbia got on board as the producer. 

And now, SILVANA received a project development support of 10.200 Euro from Film Center Serbia. 

Vojin Vasovic as well received a project development of 10.200 Euro from Film Center Serbia with his first feature live action fiction project The END of the WORLD. Film is to be produced by the upcoming producer Milos Ivanovic of Set Sail Films. 

Congratulations to both of the filmmakers and the creative teams!

For more info on Zdravkovic’s SILVANA.

For more info on Vasovic’s The END of the WORLD.


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