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Andrej Korovljev shot his feature-length fiction debut in the city of Pula in Croatia where he was born and raised. The name of the film is PULA, name of the HOTEL is PULA which served as a refugee center during the Bosnian War. The film is produced by Dijana Mlađenović of Kinematograf from PULA, of course.

PULA has been developed within the framework of Goethe-Institut\’s FIRST FILMS FIRST program and is funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Center as well as being supported by RE-ACT Development Fund, City of Pula, and County of Istria. 

The film tells the story of impossible utopian love between a Pula high school student Una and an elderly refugee from war-torn Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1995. The leading actress is a first-timer Nika Grbelja and Bosnian actor Ermin Bravo accompanies her.

Well done for Andrej and the whole crew and town of PULA. Good luck with the post-production and work-in-progress journey!

For more info on the project click here. 


Photos by Hasan Abdelghani.


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