We are so glad to inform you that Igor Jelinovic’s debut feature fiction project KOKE (HONEY BUNNY) received a production support of 400.500 Euro from Croatian Audiovisual Center.

Jelinovic developed his debut project during the four modules of Goethe-Institut’s FIRST FILMS FIRST program and received the Best Pitch Award at Sofia Meetings in 2019.

HONEY BUNNY is an arthouse comedy with an anti-heroine as a protagonist: Anita, aka Koke, the irritating aunt who tramples everyone –including her only sister’s family- who stands in her way towards the desired family inheritance which consists of a universally attractive summer house on the island of Hvar, or anywhere else for that matter. 

For more info on HONEY BUNNY.

Congratulations! May the rest of the journey be smoother!


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