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Production company: December (Slovenia)
Producer: Vlado Bulajić
Director of photography: Marko Brdar
Edition: Matic Drakulić
Music:┬á┬áMatija Kre─Źi─Ź
Sound: Julij Zornik
Cast:┬á┬áRados Bol─Źina, Dejan Spasi─ç, Mirel Knez
Running time: 106 minutes
Original language on the film: Slovenian
Country:  Slovenia


Boris Robic is, as we say, an ordinary kind of bloke. One evening, however, someone tries to shoot him. The investigations reveal nothing. No enemies, no suspects. You could say that Boris is the last person anyone would want to kill. After the police close the investigation, Boris decides to make his own enquiries. As he searches for the suspect, we see the tragi-comedy unfold of a man who discovers that a lot more people hate him than he ever realised, and that the way he sees his own life was an illusion.


The most important thing that I would like to remark regarding the project is that an important intention is to make it funny. It is not exactly a black comedy ÔÇô it is an (existentialist) thriller, dealing with loneliness, fear, suspicion, paranoia, and relativity of life in an absurd and ironical manner. With a tongue-in-cheek, these bitter themes are not so absolute any more. The setting is quite irrational in a way. But on the other hand, it might be a way to show how vulnerable we are if we are not able to trust each other.


Darko Sinko (Ljubljana, 1979) studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences and at the Theatre, Radio, Film and Television Academy (AGRFT) in Ljubljana. He has directed the fiction shorts Angoraangora (2005), Dedek Mraz (Grandpa Frost, 2008) and So┼íolki (Schoolmates, 2015), and the documentaries Kriticna generacija (Critical Generation, 2009), Slovenians in Italy are Celebrating May 1 (2010), Tu sem doma (This is Where I Live, 2011), Upor (Revolt, 2013) and Hi┼íke (Little Houses, 2014). Inventura (Inventory), his first feature film, was selected in 2020 for WIP Europa in San Sebastian.


2005 Angoraangora (short)

2008 Dedek Mraz  (short)

2015  So┼íolki (short)

2009 Kriticna generacija (documentary)

2010 Slovenians in Italy are Celebrating May 1 (documentary)

2011 Tu sem doma (This is Where I Live) (documentary)

2013 Upor (Revolt) (documentary)

2014 Hi┼íke (Little Houses). (documentary)

2020 Inventura (Inventory)

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