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Directing intimate (and not necessarily physical) scenes is one of the biggest challenges directors face.

How to achieve intimacy? How to write it? How to build a scene? How to work with actors? How to be true and authentic? And how to do it with a kind of strangers (actors) in front of a group of kind of strangers (crew) with the aim for the whole world to see it?

Two great contemporary directors, Eran Kolirin (The Band’s Visit) and Milcho Manchevski (Before the Rain) share their thoughts, knowledge and experience on concrete examples from their films.

This masterclass is organized by Goethe-Institut’s First Films First in collaboration with our dear partner Auteur Film Festival Belgrade.

It will be held in Yugoslovenska Kinoteka Multimedia Hall in Belgrade (Uzun Mirkova 1) on Monday, Nov. 25th at 6 pm and is open for public.

Everybody is welcome!

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