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We have launched Meet the Scriptwriters, the online platform dedicated to connecting the Southeast European scriptwriters to the rest of the film industry. online networking platform for Southeast European scriptwriters, where they can create their own profiles, showcase their skills and present their works. It will also allow filmmakers and producers worldwide to find the right scriptwriter or a screenplay for their next film through various search criteria.

Scriptwriters are invited to make their personal profiles that include biography, filmography and examples of their work, as well as additional info that can help anybody reading their profiles to get a better understanding of their taste in film (i.e. finding out about their favorite movies).

Focal point of the profiles are the projects that scriptwriters are working on. Projects can be in any stage of development (finished script, treatment, short or long synopsis) and include any number of collaborators attached to the project. Additionally, scriptwriters can choose how much information on any specific project they wish to offer on the download link, putting them fully in control of their pages.

Scriptwriters’ profiles will be published on the web site and will be reachable from any part of the world.

Scriptwriters can update their profiles at any time and as many times as they wish.

Check it out here:

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