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Two Slovenian FFF projects, Riders by Dominik Mencej, and Inventory by Darko Sinko, have been awarded production funding from the Slovenian Film Centre at the competition for first feature films.

Riders will receive €290,000, and Inventory gets €220,000.

The two projects from two generations of FFF participants are also the only two feature debut projects to be awarded funding in this competition.

Sinko\’s Inventory, from the second FFF generation, which has recently finished its second workshop at the Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers Film Festival in Bitola, is a story about an ordinary man in his fifties who gets shot at by an unknown assailant. Having no obvious enemies nor reasons to think anyone would shoot him, he starts investigating his family, friends and colleagues, becoming increasingly paranoid.

\”The most important thing that I would like to remark regarding the project is that an important intention is to make it funny. It is not exactly a black comedy – it is an (existentialist) thriller, dealing with loneliness, fear, suspicion, paranoia, and relativity of life in an absurd and ironical manner,\” says Sinko in his director\’s statement. For more information about the project, click here

Mencej\’s Riders, from the first FFF generation, which has also just received funding from Creative Europe\’s MEDIA Sub-programme is a road movie set in 1999, when two youngsters from a small Slovenian town, decide to outfit their mopeds and embark on a journey to chase their dreams.

\”The film introduces characters who want to be free and want to get out of the molds of this world. They will first have to grow up to realize that their chains are they themselves, and there will be obstacles and decisions to make on their way to growing up,\” says Mencej. For more information, click here


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