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Srđan Koljevic (1966) screenwriter and director, graduated in screenwriting and playwriting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

He works as a professor of screenwriting at this film school today.

Srdjan Koljevic wrote or co-wrote 12 feature films, awarded internationally, and many of them national box office hits – amongst which the film that he also directed “Red Coloured Grey Truck” (2004; Serbian-German-Slovenian co-production) first earned him recognition of international audience, festivals and critics.


“Why Have You Left Me” (1993, co-writer); screened at Rotterdam, New York, Boston, Moscow, Mannheim…)

“Premeditated Murder”, (1996, collaborator on the script); awards including: the prize for Best Script at the National Script Festival, Yugoslav Film Academy Award for the best script; Grand Prix Alpe Adria, (Trieste, Italy); screened in Panorama at the Berlin Film Festival.

“The Hornet” (1998, co-writer); shown at numerous international festivals; awarded at the National Film Script Festival.

“Sky Hook” (2000, co-writer); premiered in Competition at the Berlin Film Festival; international prizes: e.g. at the Festival of Montpellier, (Montpellier Audience Award) and Palm Springs (Audience Award); selected by Yugoslav Film Academy as the national nominee for the Oscar Awards.

“Normal People” (2001, co-writer); awarded at the National Film Script Festival, screened at various international festivals (Mannheim, Moscow…).

“Natasha” (2001, writer); awarded at various national and international festivals (Black Sea Grand Prix, Pula Film Festival).

“Red Coloured Grey Truck” (2004, writer and director). 11 international awards, and 13 national awards. International: Hessian Film Award 2004 – Best Feature Film; Audience Award (Cinema Mediterranean – Montpellier Film Festival 2004); Audience Award (Mannheim Heidelberg International Film Festival 2004) Special Mention of the Festival Jury (Mannheim Heidelberg Int. Film Festival 2004) Recommendation of the Jury of Cinema Owners (Mannheim Heidelberg Int. Film Festival 2004) Audience Award (Alpe Adria Film Festival, Trieste 2005) Special Award of the Festival Jury (best script) (Alpe Adria Film Festival, Trieste 2005) Special Award of the Festival Jury (Sofia International Film Festival 2005) Special Award for the First Film (Troia International Film Festival, Portugal, 2005) Special Award of the Jury (Alexandria Int. Film Festival 2005) FIPRESCI Int. Critics Prize (Warsaw International Film Festival 2005)

“The Trap” (2007, co-writer) premiered at Berlin International Film Festival 2007, Grand Prix (Sofia International Film Festival 2007), FIPRESCI International Critics Prize (Go East Film Festival Wiesbaden 2007), Best film (Art Film Festival), Audience Award (Trieste Internationa Film Festival)

“Love & Other Crimes” (2008, co-writer), premiered at Berlin International Film Festival 2008, Special Award (Sofia International Film Festival 2008)

“The Woman With A Broken Nose” (2010, writer and director) Grand Prix, Cinema City Festival 2010, Novi Sad, (also Best Script Award, Critics Award, and Audience Award), “Golden Eye” Grand Prix for Best International Feature Film, Zurich Film Festival 2010, Young Public Award, Mediterranean Film Festival, Montpellier 2010

“Circles” (2013, co-writer), Sundance Film Festival, World Competition, Special Award of the Jury, Berlin Film Festival- Prize of Ecumenical Jury, Sarajevo Film Festival-Audience Award

“The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip“ (2014, writer and director), FEST, Belgrade International Film Festival – Jury Award for Best Script; Anual FIPRESSCI Award for Best Script; Cairo International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, BANEFF-Stockholm, Balkan New Films Festival- Special Award


Among the recent films that he wrote is “The Trap” (2007; Serbian-German-Hungarian co-production) which premiered on Berlinale, and was shortlisted among 9 nominated Foreign language films for Oscars.

”The Woman With a Broken Nose” (2010, Serbian-German co-production), his second film as a director, was awarded and distributed in Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

The film that he wrote, “Circles”, was awarded at Sundance Film Festival, 2013, and also on Berlin Film Festival.

He recently completed his third feature film as a director – “The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip” (2014).

He is one of the most active film screenwriters in the region.

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