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The MAN WITHOUT GUILT by Ivan Gergolet says ACTION!

The feature fiction debut of Ivan Gergolet, The Man Without Guilt was developed during Goethe-Institut’s FIRST FILMS FIRST program. 

The project got production support from the Slovenian Film Centre, the Italian Ministry of Culture’s Audiovisual Directorate, and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

And now, first slate is clapped for The Man Without a Guilt which is a working-class noir film following Angela, an asbestos widow, who meets the man responsible for her husband’s death. After deciding to become his caregiver in order to punish him, she falls into the emotional labyrinth that separates revenge from forgiveness and lies from the truth.

The Man Without Guilt is a co-production between Italy’s Transmedia Production, Slovenia’s Staragara, and Croatia’s Propeller Film.

Good luck to the whole team during the shooting and afterward! For more info on The Man Without Guilt and the filmmaker: http://localhost:8888/ivan-gergolet/


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