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In these crazy crisis times, we have reached out to our fellow participants to check how they are dealing with the situation and give us some tips. As she is locked down in Hamburg, in the editing of her debut SNOW AND THE BEAR, Selcen Ergun shares why watching post-apocalyptic films could be calming, recommends must-see Turkish films and explains the benefits of learning to lose control. 

  • What films do you recommend to watch during self-isolation? 

I have a strong inclination towards watching all kinds of post-apocalyptic and pandemic films these days. In a strange way, they helped me to see the situation we are in from a bigger perspective and to feel that I am not a victim of a once in a lifetime situation. I am not the center of all these. We are not the center of all these. What is happening is happening independent of me… and c\’est la vie. This idea gives a kind of relief. 🙂

I watched all these again: CHILDREN OF MEN, PERFECT SENSE, BLINDNESS, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (no connection with pandemics but why not) and TV series YEARS AND YEARS.

  • Now that we all have time, what classic film from your country would you recommend everyone to see? 

I recommend a well know ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA by Nuri Bilge Ceylan and TIMES AND WINDS by Reha Erdem.



  • How are you dealing with the current pandemic situation? What are your thoughts?

As a person who is inclined to plan everything in advance and trying to control the situations as much as possible, I try to teach myself that I cannot control everything and sometimes good and unexpected things come out of uncontrolled situations. This is a good lesson professionally as well. Each day I wake up and try to do my best that is possible for that day: that can be continuing to be productive or just keeping my sanity 🙂

  • How’s SNOW AND THE BEAR developing these days?

Luckily we finished the principal photography of SNOW AND THE BEAR just a few weeks before the pandemic outbreak. By chance, just 3 days before the national lockdowns and canceled flights, I came from İstanbul to Hamburg for editing since we planned the make some parts of the post-production here in Hamburg with our German co-producer. So, I am continuing the post-production of the film here in Hamburg without knowing when I will be able to go back to İstanbul.

More about SNOW AND THE BEAR you can read here.


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