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We are so happy to share with you that Nazli Elif Durlu\’s debut has received the Best Script and FIPRESCI award at the European Competition of the Lecce Film Festival.

“for the originality of the script that reconstructs the social landscape of a Turkish condominium through the fate of a cat imprisoned behind a wall”

“for the original idea and the intellectual development of a deceptively simple story that begins with an absurd quest for a cat theoretically hidden within the walls of an upper-middle-class apartment building. This surreal quest is led by a central, strong female character and independent, revealing a stratified portrait of modern Turkish society represented by tenements that behave in accordance with their conformism and cowardice. The tone of the film, initially light-hearted, gradually turns into a serious and introspective reflection of the role of women in Turkey…. And yet her critical ideas remain cleverly hidden under the cover of cat hunting, never without losing sight of an important message.”

ZUHAL has been developed via Goethe-Institut\’s FIRST FILMS FIRST.



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