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Slovenian film INVENTORY is the debut feature of Darko Sinko and the 4th completed film which was developed within the framework of Goethe-Institut\’s FIRST FILMS FIRST training program.

Today is the big day for Darko Sinko and INVENTORY since it\’s the world premiere day at San Sebastian Film Festival in the competitive New Directors\’ section. 

Take a look at the first two clips on the page of the film at San Sebastion FF website.

Inventory is a tragicomedy about the quest of an ordinary man called Boris who gets brutally attacked at his home. Having no suspects, it seems no one could possibly be interested in shooting Boris. Police drops the investigation. Riddled with doubt, Boris starts investigating on his own only to realize there are more people who hate him than he would ever have thought and the perception he has of his own life are nothing but illusions. 

Longer part of the journey is ending and celebrating with audience is about to start. We are so proud to be part of INVENTORY\’s journey.

Enormous congratulations and best of luck to Darko Sinko and the team behind INVENTORY!


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